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Choose an expert for roofing services in Ashland and Richmond, VA

A leaky or damaged roof isn't something you want to put up with. If your roof is over 20 years old, it may be time for roof replacement or reroofing services.

When you notice something wrong with your roof in the Ashland and Richmond, VA areas, call in the professionals from Herring's Roofing and Painting. We know how to service a variety of roofs, including shingle and metal roofs. We're also not limited to residential properties-we can service your commercial roof, as well. If you need any kind of roofing services, reach out to us today.

Providing the service you need

We're glad to be of service whenever you need a roofing expert. Our experienced team can care for any kind of roof, but we specialize in shingle and metal roofing. You can contact us for:

  • Roof repair services
  • Roof replacement services
  • New roof installation services
  • Reroofing service services

Whether you need a few simple repairs or a full replacement, we know how to get the job done with ease. Call 804-572-7826 now to schedule your roofing services in the Ashland and Richmond, VA areas.